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Easy Christmas craft for your festive season

We’re getting stuck into decorating our workshop so Santa knows to pay us a visit, and we thought why not share our easyChristmas craft ideas with all of you. Whether you’re putting up your tree, hanging wreaths and garlands, or starting on all those cards you have to send, there’s always time for a cheeky bit of colouring in, right?

A pile of festive prezzies on a pink background

How to give the perfect present every time

We’re taking the guesswork out of gift-giving with our handy-dandy guide. From perfect presents for little kids to cracking gifts for older kids, we’ve got the thing for you!

Once upon a time: the Tinta story

October is our birthday month, and this year we’re 8 years old! At Tinta HQ, we’re all piling into our toddler Transport set to take a trip down memory lane in the World of Tinta, and you’re invited too.

Let’s get this party planned!

The secret to a great party doesn’t have to be months and months of careful prep! We’ve got a quick and easy four-step party plan that you can do in just one afternoon. Even the kids can chip in!

Women crayons arranged in a triangle beneath ceramic nameplates saying Maria and The Other Maria

Women in The World of Tinta

We’ve worked with some truly stellar women over the years, from other small business owners to our industry partners for the Kinder Kits and right back around to our queen bees, Maria and Maria. The work and insights of the women around us has been the driving force in growing our Tinta family into the vibrant universe of shapes and colours we are today.

Four melting pots point in a circle with a bee crayon for scale

Our eco values

There’s nothing more important to us than our products being safe for your kids AND sustainable for the the planet. Explore some of the ways in which we achieve this through our production, packaging and distribution.

Handmade beeswax crayons
Made with love in Melbourne, Australia
Non-toxic, natural and safe for all
All-Australian products and packaging