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Once upon a time: the Tinta story

October is our birthday month, and this year we’re 8 years old! At Tinta HQ, we’re all piling into our toddler Transport set to take a trip down memory lane in the World of Tinta, and you’re invited too.

Women crayons arranged in a triangle beneath ceramic nameplates saying Maria and The Other Maria

Women in The World of Tinta

We’ve worked with some truly stellar women over the years, from other small business owners to our industry partners for the Kinder Kits and right back around to our queen bees, Maria and Maria. The work and insights of the women around us has been the driving force in growing our Tinta family into the vibrant universe of shapes and colours we are today.

Handmade beeswax crayons
Made with love in Melbourne, Australia
Non-toxic, natural and safe for all
All-Australian products and packaging