Name crayons
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Name crayons


What is the name? * 

Remember to check the spelling! We’ll make the name exactly as spelt below

Bright or pastel colours? * 

By default, we’ll make the name in bright colours. If you’d prefer pastels, select the Pretty pastels option below.

Would you like some Tinta shaped crayons included with the name?

The long horizontal box holds 6 crayons as standard but can hold up to 7 crayons. The tall vertical box holds a maximum of 9 crayons.


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What’s in a name? Everything!

From Beyonce and Bella, Ziggy or Zachariah – we’ve got every name covered. We tailor make crayons just for kids – so whether you’re an Amelia or Emelia, Simon or Symon or Freya or Freyja, there’s always a set perfectly created for you!

Your child can learn the letters in their name while they colour and draw. Children love to receive any gift that is customised with their name so these crayons are sure to delight.

Names are made with captital letters. To order, simply select the variation that is the correct number of letters in the name and include the name in the ‘Order Notes’ section of the checkout. Names can be made in bright or pastel colours.

Each letter is approximately 5cm high and 4cm wide.

Every crayon is handmade from scratch from 100% natural waxes and non-toxic pigments.

Additional information

Weight220 g
Dimensions25 × 5 × 2.2 cm
Length of name

3 letter name, 4 letter name, 5 letter name, 6 letter name, 7 letter name, 8 letter name, 9 letter name, 10 letter name, 11 letter name, 12 letter name


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