At Tinta Crayons, we make 100% natural, organic beeswax crayons. No nasties, no paraffin, no palm, no soy – just the good stuff. Perfect for little hands and big on fun! Designed and made in Melbourne, Tinta Crayons are created with little people in mind. From drawing, colouring to imaginative play, our crayons are perfect for creative kids… and their grown-ups.


With all natural ingredients, our crayons are totally safe for kids – so if they try to eat them, that’s (kind of) ok. We know what kids are like! Our priority is learning and play, and letting kids be kids. Tinta Crayons are fun and functional and support development by helping to master fine motor skills, gripping for small hands and, of course, creativity.


Tinta’s unique designs mean our crayons are far from being “just” crayons. Dig for shells in the sandpit, drive our cars and trucks, or build your very own fairy garden – Tinta Crayons are perfect for play too! Explore the colourful world of Tinta and discover intrepid space explorers, friendly pirates, bushland animals, mermaids and enchanted forest fairies. There is a Tinta character for everyone to love.


From the beeswax to our packaging, Tinta Crayons is proud to support local small businesses – just like us! We’re
committed to creating natural products that you’ll love and helping you to be more aware about the ingredients in
products we use every day. You’ll always know that Tinta never adds filler in our crayons thanks to the natural ‘bloom’ process – the little white film that sometimes appears.