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Name Crayons

Create your child's name in colour!

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Australian Beeswax Crayons -
Personalised for Little Hands!

At Tinta Crayons, we make crayons from 100% natural Australian beeswax. No nasties, no paraffin, no palm, no soy – just the good stuff. Our crayons are personalised and customised, perfect for little hands and big on fun! Designed and made in Melbourne, Tinta Crayons are created with little people in mind. From drawing, colouring to imaginative play, our crayons are perfect for creative kids… and their grown-ups.

Safe for Kids

With all natural ingredients, our crayons are totally safe for kids – so if they try to eat them, that’s (kind of) ok.

We know what kids are like!


Tinta’s unique designs mean our crayons are far from being “just” crayons. Dig for shells in the sandpit, drive our cars and trucks, or build your very own fairy garden – Tinta Crayons are perfect for play too!

Made With Love

From the beeswax to our packaging, Tinta Crayons is proud to support local small businesses – just like us!

We’re committed to creating natural products that you’ll love.

What our customers say

Our customers love our crayons!

Wow! Blown away! These are so beautiful! I bought them for my (soon to be) one year old son. As he still puts everything in his mouth, I thought these would be perfect! He loves them! I know we will be using these for years to come! The packaging is gorgeous! They smell amazing when drawing with them! And the colour payoff is really good! I’ve swatched all the crayons in the picture. They’re fantastic quality. What I love most about them is they’re nice and chunky – great for little hands. Absolutely perfect! Great communication from the seller and very quick shipping! Support this Australian made and small business!! Thank you so much!! I will be a repeat customer for sure xxx


Crayons out in the sunshine is just what is needed right now 👌🏻 As well as lots and lots and lots of snacks (like whaaaaat?! How much can one kid eat?! Don’t answer that 🤦🏼‍♀️😂) We are trying to consciously relate things to nature – so drawing what we see – bees, butterflies, cricket – but mum doesn’t know how to draw that so Miss B did a squiggle haha cute…

These gorgeous crayons were gifted to Miss B for her birthday and she loves them (and so does mum!) 🤣 They are aussie handmade using beeswax! 🎉🐝 Safe for kiddies and the environment – WINNING!

Handmade beeswax crayons
Made with love in Melbourne, Australia
Non-toxic, natural and safe for all
All-Australian products and packaging