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How to give the perfect present every time

~ Hello, Colour Lovers.

If you’re looking for that perfect present for those special people in your life but you’re not sure what to pick, Tinta’s here to spoil you for choice! We’re taking all the guesswork out of gift-giving with our handy-dandy guide.

All our Colour Lovers are important to us, so we’ve made sure we’ve got crayons for every age group and interest. Since we launched our new Pop colours range, you’ve even got over 25 unique colours to choose from! For all your little artists, you can add our exclusive colouring sheets too. We’ll always make sure your gifts are ready to give. You can even send them right to their new homes with pretty wrapping paper and your own messages of love handwritten by us. It’s so easy to get it right when you don’t have to guess at all.

Crayons for everyone

Everyone loves a bit of colouring in, so we’ve made sure we’ve got a type of crayon for every age group. We wouldn’t recommend giving our smaller-size crayons to anyone under the age of 3, but that doesn’t mean they miss out on the joy of drawing.

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Wonderful Ones

Original colour Petal crayons shown in a gallery-style format
Petal crayons come in Originals and Pop colours

We recommend petals for everyone, but especially for little kids from 8 months to 2 years old.

At that age, they’re exploring the world very closely so anything and everything will end up in their mouth. That’s why we’ve made sure none of our crayons have anything toxic or nasty in them.

Petals are especially great for young kids because they don’t have any small parts to choke on. 1000 points to you for a perfect present!

For more info on our petals, check out our blog on fine motor skills here.

Terrific Twos

Original colour Toddler Transport set stacked with a standard-size astronaut crayon in the foreground to show scale
A great option for all those car-lovers

Toddlers are just starting to understand bits of their world, so we made our Toddler Transport set to bring a bit of pizzazz to the toybox.

Easily identifiable objects like cars and garden insects are great for early learning activities. Kids see them every day, so they start to form connections using what they know to learn new things.

For more information on the toddler packs, check out our blog on connection here.

Thrilling Threes

Pop colour Number crayons set

By now, your kiddos might be learning to count! Using our number crayons can help smooth out your preschool learning journey.

The fun colours and tactile design holds your kids attention for a bit longer while they form the connections to the numbers’ shapes that will be important in school.

Our numbers are the same size as our toddler crayons and letter crayons, so little hands can clutch them comfortably and easily.

For games using early learning techniques, check out our blog on ….. here.

Fun Fours and more

Our standard packs have something for everyone’s interests. We recommend gifting these crayons to anyone over the age of 4, because they’re smaller and have more parts that could break off under roly-poly toddler play.

With 6 unique theme sets and 2 colour ranges, you’re sure to find the perfect present.

For all the ways you can love and enjoy our standard packs, follow our socials and subscribe to our newsletters.

Anyone and everyone

Everyone loves a personalised present, and what could be more personalised than your own name in all your favourite colours?

Name crayons can be given to anyone, even babies. The bright colours and iconic shape of each letter makes for a great display until your kids are ready to start colouring.

If your crayons start to look a bit faded or dusty over time, give them a bit of a rub and they’ll shine again just fine!

Check out our socials for plenty of interesting ways to style your name crayons.

Perfect present extras

Colouring Sheets

Which cool colouring sheet is your favourite?

You’ve got all your crayons– now what?

To add some extra awesomeness to your gifts, why not pop in a couple of colouring sheets? All of our colouring sheets are made on A3 paper and feature amazing designs on both sides for the best colouring experience.

They even match our crayons!

Making presents super-special


If you’re looking to get the maximum amount of bang for your buck, but you don’t have a lot of time, no worries! We’ll wrap your prezzies for you.

If you want to do a bit of extra decorating, you can’t go wrong with a pen, some ribbon, and pretty flowers.

Stay tuned in to our socials for our guide to decorating your giftwrapped presents here

Giftwrapped 6-letter box standing up with gift tag and dinosaur crayon in the foreground

Your messages

If you’re using our gift wrapping option, did you know you can also write your own message for your loved one?

Did you also know we won’t just print it out we’ll write your message by hand with love! It’s the little things that make Tinta presents really special.

Santa’s helpers for the perfect present

The holidays have a habit of sneaking up on us all, but we’ve got the solution.

You can post your prezzies right to your loved ones, all wrapped and ready to shake and squeeze under the Christmas trees. Maybe you need some gingerbread crayons in your life!

Check out the shipping times pinned on our socials to give Santa a helping hand here

Gingerbread & Christmas tree crayon set featuring Tinta's chief Santa delivering small-scale presents
Santa’s loading up the sleigh- will it bring you Tinta crayons?

Now you’ve read our go-to guide to all things wonderfully Tinta, your colourful Christmas gifting is sorted! Our full range is available right now on our shop, including our exclusive Gingerbread & Christmas Trees set in two sizes.

For more gifting ideas, subscribe to our newsletter in the box below. You can follow our socials too, for plenty of new ideas to inspire your gifting this year. We’ll also be giving some tips and tricks for low-sugar Halloween treats starring our crayons in some spooky and fun favour bags, and exploring our insect pack in their new colours.

Next time, we’ll be cracking into our Christmas craft box together with our favourite crayons. Stay colourful and creative!

Love, Team Tinta x

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