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Easy Christmas craft for your festive season

~Hello, Colour Lovers!

It’s officially the Christmas season now. We wanted to share some easy Christmas craft ideas with you so that you can get stuck into decorating your home like we are in our workshop! Whether you’re putting up your tree, hanging wreaths and garlands, or starting on all those cards you have to send, there’s always time for a cheeky bit of colouring in, right?

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Decorating with Tinta Crayons

If you’re having the family over at your house for Christmas, there’s a super easy way to set up an elegant and cute festive display to wow them all.

All our crayons are designed to be able to stand up on their own straight out of the box. Did you know you can make your own Santa dioramas featuring our gingerbread crayons? With our full range, you can even make a cracking nativity scene the kids can draw with too!

For your elf on the shelf, you can use Marcus the elf from our Enchanted Forest set too. We’re keeping an eye out for him and his friends as they play hide and seek in our HQ this year. Can your kids find where he’s hiding in this blog?

How many reindeer does Santa have?

DIY Christmas cards

It’s super easy to make your own cute and personalised Christmas cards. Just fold some paper in half, crack out the crayons, and get colouring!

Crayons like our letters, numbers, petals, and standard shapes all have tapered parts of their design so your kids can write just as easily as they can colour in.

There’s nothing like a homemade card to really show your love and efforts!

Make your own Christmas crackers

If you’re getting bored of the same old prizes and jokes in your crackers, have a go at making your own! It’s so simple to do. You can make it home with a few basic items…

What you need

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Inner roll from wrapping paper
  • Cracker snap (from craft store)
  • String or ribbon
  • Christmas Crayons
  • A funny joke or a paper hat
Easy christmas craft with Tinta Crayons Make your own crackers
Keep an eye on our socials for a how-to video

Take the cardboard tube from your wrapping paper and cut it into the right size for a cracker. Then, cut each cracker section into three.

Stick your cracker snap in so that it hangs out a bit at both ends of the cracker. To make sure the snap doesn’t fall out, you can stick it to the insides of the two end tubes.

Then, you can pop your jokes, prizes, and paper hats into the middle tube. Take your decorated paper and wrap your cracker up. You can fold the extra length into the ends, then tie your bows at the two ends of the middle tube and it’s ready for the Christmas table.

An easy paper garland

We love getting crafty with paper, so we thought we’d share this easy Christmas craft classic with you.

Easy Christmas craft paper chains

Paper chains are a classic, and as easy as one two three!

All you need is paper, scissors, staples, and some crayons. Then you cut the paper into strips 3-7cm wide and draw to your heart’s content. When you’re done, simply staple the ends together to make a circle.

For each link of the paper chain, you’ll want to thread the paper strip through the last link, hold the two ends together, and staple them. It’s that easy!

Now you’ve got your garland, it’s time for the really fun bit – colouring them all in! Hang them in your favourite spot to add some festive cheer to our home.

We’re excited to hang up all these easy Christmas craft creations in the workshop. We’d love to see your kids’ craft, so follow us on our socials and tag us with their creations! For more festive ideas, you can also subscribe to our newsletter in the section below. You’ll never miss a Tinta moment.

We’ll be celebrating the festive season right up until the big day, so keep an eye out for our sneaky elf on our socials. He might even have a present or two for you. We’ve also got one eye on Santa’s village cam too, so we know when he’s headed this way!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Love, Team Tinta x

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